My tech travel setup

Let’s go Away for a While

When travelling under weight bag limitations is hard to decide what to bring and what to leave at home, in this article I talk through the essential tech stuff I bring with me for a trip.

The Jewel of the Crown, MacBook

it’s worth to talk about it first, I’m writing this article while using it and I’m loving it, it might not be as powerful as a MacBook pro but oh boy this little friend is compact ! you could be working on photoshop using the tray of the seat of an airplane an you wouldn’t notice how tight the space is.

Ask permission to take a photo if they speak the same language as you. If you don’t share a language, try learning some basic phrases ahead of time, gesture at your camera and ask through expression. Of course if someone doesn’t want their picture taken, it’s imperative to respect their wishes and move on — people are always more important than photographs. National Geographic writes that “making great pictures is primarily a mental process.” What makes you want to photograph the person or place? How might you describe it to a friend, and what adjectives would you use? Are there details you can focus on that tell a story?


Maybe it’s a dry, arid desert, captured by focusing on the patterns of cracked earth. Or a prairie that’s photographed with the horizon at the bottom of the frame, to help create a sense of the open sky and tranquility. Or maybe it’s the story of a deft artisan, fingernails covered in wet clay as she molds a pot. When you’re on the road it can be tough to eat right and make sure you get all the right nutrients. I started taking daily supplements of Multi-Vitamin, Fish Oil capsules and Vitamin D and it helps a lot. Especially the Vitamin D since I don’t get to see the sun a lot during the winter in Sweden.

Let’s go away for a while You and I, to a strange and distant land Where they speak no word of truth But we don’t understand, anyway

– Weezer, Holiday

Always Use Protection – Bags

Manfrotto MultiPro-120 PL
Manfrotto MultiPro-120 PL

One of the factors I was taking in less consideration was the carrying bag, and protecting my expensive equipment. I realise that carrying my lenses and laptop in a normal bag so everything moves around wasn’t a good idea anymore and decided to invest in a Lens bag.

After a lot of research I finally got a Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Backpack: MultiPro-120 PL which is the quintessential bag for carrying lenses, cameras, memory cards, chargers an it also has space for a laptop. I feel now that all my equipment is protected, plus the design is extremely cool !

The bag comes with “Tripod Connector” So you can carry the tripod on the outside, interchangeable dividers, UV and rain protector. this, my friends is THE ultimate bag.

Feeding the babies – Batteries

When it comes to charging batteries of all equipment I always encounter a problem what to charge first, sharing power plugs in a room etc.

To keep the goPro alive, I have these Wasabi Power battery and charger but I experienced that batteries start to last very little with the last charges.

For extremists, when you need to keep some of your devices charged at all time I ‘d also recommend a power bank, this will also help you if you want to take a really long time-lapse video with a goPro, just leave the camera plugged directly to one of those and you are good to go – literally. Make sure you get a power bank with high mAH like this puppy here, to get an idea it can fully charge an iPhone 6 5 times from 0% to 100% battery percentage.