The Cinematic Style

Since I have use of reason I have been a movie fanatic, I enjoy a good photography and lighting in a movie but specially I have a fixation with movie posters, many years ago, back in 90´s I started a website to collate every single movie poster on a database by scanning all the posters I could get from magazines and put them online. my fixation was so crazy that I even had my bedroom completely wrapped in quarter sheet sized movie posters.

I recently watched 22 Jump Street, and besides the quality of the movie, really funny I was captivated by the end credits, where they decided to show posters from new sequels that will eventually come out.

I believe my photographic style and the way I design interfaces work really closely with what they call “the cinematic effect”

Dylan Patrick – The Cinematic Headshot


Visual Keys of the Cinematic Style

There are several features that a Cinematic Shot or movie poster have, I´ll try to enumerate it and talk more about then,

Kick Light

Extra Sharpening