The Photographer

Roberto Vivancos, Photographer & Filmmaker

Roberto Vivancos is an internationally published fashion and commercial photographer, award winning filmmaker and owner of Little Big Studios. His bold cinematic style inherited from 80’s films, Japanese anime and superhero comics uses dramatic lighting techniques to bring his subjects to life.

Publications & Awards

2014 Inquirer

2015 Public Description

2016 CosmopolitanEl PaisWhatsonstage, Town & Country, Coventry Live

2017 Portrait Photo Awards – Best Portrait & Best Portrait Collection Analogue Trash

2018 Hamilton West End, We are the Guard, Super CZ, Vologlam, ABS CBN, Rappler, Clash Magazine, Girl Underground Music, Distract TV

2019 Picton Magazine, Philocaly Magazine, The Big Photo Ezine, Dope Soul Love, Stage Faves, DIYPhotography, Petapixel, O2, Playbill, Vogue Italy

2020 Malvie Magazine, THE ODD Winner Best Micro Short at Swindon Independent Film Fest, Best Short Film at Conquering Disabilities in film, Las Vegas

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