Best App to Simulate Hundreds of Cameras and Lenses to Plan Your Next Shoot

Lenser Viewfinder Simulator

There is obviously no shortage of camera apps out there in the world but, every once in a while something new hits the market that actually seems a bit useful. While not something I would recommend to the casual, or even semi-pro photographer the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder actually looks very helpful to directors, and photographers that need to do a lot of scouting and planning for their shoots. The biggest feature of this app is it’s ability to replicate the viewfinder of hundreds of camera and lens combinations. You may be wondering what in the world would make that useful. The point is to give you an accurate idea of what a scene would look like if you decided to lug your big heavy gear up to some remote location. It basically allows you to check your shots and possible compositions against the 35mm (crop and full frame), medium format, large format, and even motion picture systems. It even has a list of supported iPhone lenses, some of which will all you to simulate up to 17mm full frame images.

The big downside to this app is the steep price tag of $25 on iTunes. That’s probably not going to worth it to most of you but, like I said, I think there is a very specific market segment that would absolutely love this. Especially when you consider that once you select your setup and take a photo, the app will also store GPS data alongside it’s simulated metadata. When you get back your scouting session you will have everything you need to not only make sure you have the proper gear packed up, but also know that you can find your way back to the exact spot. Sure there are other ways to do this, but I haven’t seen one yet that could make scouting so much less annoying.

Is it worth $25? I don’t know, but I’m tempted for sure.

Lenser Viewfinder 

Lenser Viewfinder Simulator is a cost effective app that has a wide array of professional lens and camera systems for fast reference framing.

There’s always the need to share references compositions of a project – Discussions with the Director, a starting point for storyboard artists, references for Art and Lighting departments; it’s only natural that something as instant and ubiquitous as a smartphone would serve a suitable platform for sharing this information.

It’s why Viewfinder Simulator apps are popular nowadays – take some quick snaps on your phone – send to all.