Cast of Cowboy Bebop Live Action Movie Revealed

Fans of the cult classic anime get a first look at the lead cast of the live action adaptation. John Cho will be the stylish, but lazy bounty hunter Spike Spiegel, hunting bounties throughout the vast reaches of space with his razor sharp wit and unique fighting style Jeet Kune Do.

With him is his partner former police officer and Captain of the space vessel Bebop Jet Black, played by Mustafa Shakir, who left the force after a betrayal left him with nothing with no way of making ends meet.

Daniella Pineda will play the bounty-turned-hunter Faye Valentine. Originally from the early 2000s, an accident on an early space vessel left her fatally wounded and led to her being cryogenically frozen until she could be healed. Doing whatever she can to survive in her new environment she joins Spike and Jet, much to their dismay.

The lead villian and Spike’s former partner Vicious (played by Alex Hassell) is an infamous hitman who enjoys killing. Sharing a mentor with Spike, a split from the latter lead Vicious to a feud with him.

The series will air on Netflix with more information to come soon.