Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect shows you a technique you might want to try out. In this video, he teaches you how to create stunning lips in Photoshop.

Start by opening your image in Photoshop. To create stunning lips you have to follow 4 simple steps

1 Cleaning the Lips on the Inside

Removing any cracks or areas that may be distracting. In this step Unmesh recommends only removing blemishes that are temporary, leaving those which are permanent or characteristics from he person untouched.

In order to clean the lips he uses a new layer with clone stamp tool sampling current & below layers.

2 Perfecting the Outline

We’ll make the outline of the lips sharper and cleaner. With the pen tool we’ll draw a path around the lips:

4 Steps to Create Stunning Lips in Photoshop!

You can adjust this path anytime you’d like. Once you have saved the path in your path section, rename it to “Lips” so it doesn’t get deleted or overwrite, press Ctrl+ Click on Windows or Command + Click on the path layer to create a mask.

Once the selection is created, press Q to create a mask from selection:

Now proceed to blur the selection: go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, a blur Effect of 3.2 will do fine.

Press Q again to go back to the marching ants view. Now we have a soft feathered selection.

Create a new layer and call this layer Outline. Press CTRL+SHIFT I to invert the selection. Now using the clone stamp tool , take a sample of the outside of the lips and paint on the edge of the lips.

After doing the outside, repeat the process from the inside.

Once you are done, decrease the opacity of the Outline layer to around 65% so it looks a bit more natural.

3 Dodging & Burning

Dodging is brightening and burning is darkening. Depending on where the light source is we will dodge and burn accordingly. Generally the light source will come from the top:

In order to dodge, we will create a curves adjustment layer with the curve all the way up. To burn we will create another curves adjustment layer with the curve all the way down.

4 Adding Extra Shine

We are gonna use curves again!. Add a new Curves adjustment layer and bring the curve up. then double click on the layer to apply blend if. Repeat the process to brighten up different parts of the lips.

And voila! Now the lips look stunning !

Have you tried this technique before? I’d like to see your before & after results in the comments section below, please share !

[4 Steps to Create Stunning Lips in Photoshop! | PiXimperfect ]