8 Essential Equipment To Start Your Vlogging Journey

More and more people watch vlogs today. In a world where you can access any kind of information in a few taps and swipes, this particular form of media, which is essentially blogging but with videos, has been gaining traction.

Why? The secret is in our brains. They’re hard-wired to process images more quickly than other sensory data. It’s why photos are such key components in social media, both for personal and commercial purposes.

Videos take that a step further. By combining images, sound, and movement, they act as virtual windows into experiences, both realistic and artificial. This is part of vlogging’s appeal: they provide a kind of lens into what people anywhere and anytime are doing.


Vlogging: A Short History

The 21st century saw the birth of the first vlog by a man named Adam Kontras. In a 15-second clip, he filmed himself riding an elevator and sneaking a cat into his new apartment in Los Angeles. 

From that little snippet, we now have an art form widely used for promoting products, teaching skills, sharing ideas, and, above all, telling stories. 


Is It Easy to Get Into?

That depends. There’s no concrete way to approach vlogging. You just need to procure equipment and let creativity do the work. Here are eight of the most important pieces you’ll need nowadays: 

  • Cameras 

Many current popular vlogging cameras don’t have high learning curves. They can already help you shoot crisp, edit-ready content even as you walk and talk with only a few button presses. 

Even smartphones can be used for vlogging. The latest ones usually come with camera-vlogging features that take excellent photos and videos. With some extra tweaking and basic application of video principles, it can provide the footage you need to create vlogs.

  • Sticks  

These refer to contraptions on which you can stick your filming equipment.

Sticks come in handy if you have to film footage on the move. They also give your hands room to do other stuff as you interact with people or objects around you. If you want to film specific angles, you can extend them to create unique vantage points. The latest ones even have remote clicking features, allowing you to take shots or start filming at a distance without extra help.  

  • Tripods 

A tripod allows you to keep footage steady as well as gives you more freedom to move around. Many travel vloggers use them because of how easy it is to set them up wherever you go.

Some tripods are super flexible, allowing you to stick them to rocky surfaces. These are perfect for creating content for extreme sports or similar activities.

  • External Microphones 

You can always use your device’s built-in microphone. Still, for more crystal-clear audio, you should use an external microphone, especially if your content relies on sharing valuable information. 

Many people who watch a vlog typically switch to the next video if they can’t understand what the vlogger is talking about because of muffled or poor-quality audio. A microphone is also handy if you’re recording a podcast, live streaming, or making music. 

  • Action Cameras 

If you want extra dynamic footage, then you should get an action camera. These are specifically designed to shoot footage under extreme conditions like strong winds, high speeds, sharp drops and inclines, and even underwater. 

Their size contrasts with their durability. You can attach it to anything—your helmet, the rear of your bike, your windshield, and even on a drone, without worrying about its safety. With it, you can capture incredible footage that can up your vlog’s overall quality.

  • Camera Stabilizers 

You need a camera stabilizer to capture smooth and stable footage. This helps with the quality of your content, especially when you want to zoom in and out, focus on a specific subject, or move around a location.  

  •  Microphone Windshields 

A windshield is a small attachment you can connect to your camera’s external audio mic. It’s very beneficial for travel vloggers who often encounter windy conditions. This prevents distortions in the voice recording, making it easier for you to use in-camera sound.  

  • Travel Backpacks 

For someone who plans to vlog, having all your gadgets in one secure place is key. A travel backpack with cushions and many compartments can safely store your vlogging essentials. You should also consider using a padlock for extra security.

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Ready to Vlog? 

Starting your vlogging journey today can be one of the most exciting decisions of your life. If you’re the creative type with many ideas to share, why not create a channel to introduce those ideas to the world? Beginning with a few essential pieces of equipment like a camera, microphone, and of course, your favorite editing tool should get you set.