How to Up Your Social Media Feed with Glam Shots

When it comes to social media feed, every person has their own personal preferences. Some prefer colorful shots while others keep a classic black and white feed.

Regardless of your preferences for the social media feed, did you know that you can level it up through glam shots? When compared to the traditional portraits, glam shots focus on the person’s beauty in the photograph. While it is a standalone genre, the focus on beauty can inspire work in some genres as well. For instance, fashion shoots or portrait photo sessions.

Why opt for Glam Shots?

Glamour photography is often not well understood like boudoir. But what you should know is that this genre celebrates sexual attraction. In its most accepted definition, glam shots focus on charm and beauty.

Whether you’re aiming for improved personal branding or you just want to upload quality images, glam shots are perfect because of the following reasons:

Focus on Physical Beauty

One of the best things about glam shots is that they focus on physical beauty. Professional photographers piece together some aspects to highlight the ethereal fairy tale beauty within you. From your wardrobe, makeup to post-processing and lighting, all elements work together to celebrate the beauty of the subject.

More Than A Portrait

For a lot of people, glam shots provide more confidence to the subject. It’s more than a portrait session as it maximizes the beauty of the subject. Glamour photography also involves wardrobe choices, makeup, and some fine-tuned poses. Although others consider it as something sensual, such images celebrate beauty in a most attractive manner.

Enables You to Stand Out

Glam shots are very different from the traditional photos because of the way they’re shot. As mentioned, there are several elements involved in glamour photography to achieve a perfect photography composition. Keeping this in mind, you can be assured that your social media feed will set apart from other feeds with usual shots. If you are an influencer, glam shots can also make a difference in boosting your branding because everybody loves beauty.

How to Achieve Glam Shots for Your Social Media Feed?

To achieve beautiful glam shots for your social media feed, make sure to consider the following:

Makeup and Clothing Matter

Glam shots are different from fashion photography. However, that does not mean that clothes are not important. Although clothes are not the focus; the wardrobe does not need to be from the high-end brand designer. The clothing helps the photographer highlight the beauty of the model.

To get better glam shots, photographers work with the wardrobe and would choose clothing that highlights the curves instead of hiding them. However, the wardrobe must not be very distracting. Oftentimes, solid colors are preferable compared to patterns to avoid distraction.

In terms of footwear, high heels are a favorite. The reason behind it is that the arched foot helps highlight the curves appropriately. Moreover, well-done nails and makeup can play a huge role in the results of glam shots.

Setup Proper Lighting

Lighting is very essential in any kind of photography. When it comes to glamour photography, lighting works by highlighting the subject’s beauty and hiding any imperfections. Therefore, you should pay importance to the light’s position. For instance, to sculpt the subject’s face, the light should be above pointing at the model.

Posing is Important

Since the focus of glamour photos is beauty, it makes posing crucial. The posing for glam shots celebrates curves. Glamour pose begins through getting away from the flat-footed stance.

You must also pay attention to the placement of the chin, shoulders, and hands. Such movements work together to make a pose, which highlights the beauty of the model. Arching the back may also highlight the curves in several poses.

Other than the poses, your expression also matters in a glam shot. Whether it’s an intense stare or a coy smile, you need to work to make a genuine expression, which matches the shot’s overall feel.

Pay Importance to Post-Processing

Many glam shots require retouching. Working with makeup artists can help lessen post-processing. When retouching the skin, make sure to get rid of the flaws without eliminating the entirety of the texture of the skin. Often, glamour editors focus on the eyes. They use editing tools to bring out the best colors while burning may bring out the subject’s eyelashes.



Although you can always include any images or shots on your social media feed, it’s never a bad idea to consider glam shots for your feed. These are not just attractive, but also glam shots emphasize your real beauty. In addition to that, glam shots can make a huge difference in attracting more potential followers or audience effectively as most people prefer quality images on social media. Just make sure to hire professional photographers to achieve successful glam shots.