The Photography Show returns to the NEC for its sixth year, between 16-19 March 2019, offering everything any photographer, enthusiast or pro could possibly dream of; from the latest kit by leading brands to inspiring talks and demos from some of the best names in the industry.

Not only that, it’s fun, and it’s accessible to everybody, whatever your level or interest.

This year, The Great Outdoors and the Wedding & Portrait stages are back by popular demand and they’ll be introducing some new elements to the show, including a bigger focus on video and moving image; interactive features around the hall; plus workshops and after-hours events led by our partners, exhibitors and legends of photography.

NEC will reunite the best photography gear and camera manufacturers in the world. We have been invited to attend to this year’s event and we’ll be bringing you all the announcements and news. So keep an eye on this post for updates on The Photography Show.

Stages & Theatres

Super Stage

Get insight into the lives and careers of photography greats; find out how they approach projects, create their own style and the barriers they’ve overcome to get to where they are now. Guests include Lindsay Adler, Martin Parr, Gordon Buchanan, Chris Burkard, Pete Souza, Annie Griffiths and Moose Peterson.

The Great Outdoors

And breathe…The Great Outdoors Stage will draw you in to the realm of landscape, wildlife and nature photography in all its glory; from tips on how to set up dramatic time lapse and the tech needed for macro shots, to tackling lighting challenges on a rainy day when you finally spot that rare creature..

Wedding & Portrait

Get the perfect shot of a happy couple on their big day, tackle the challenges of unpredictable weather (and guests!) or learn how to capture the essence of emotion within your portraits – we’ll have a full programme available for everyone intrigued by or specialising in these genres.#

Photo Live

Cameras at the ready! Photo Live is the stage to be at for colorful, inspiring and sometimes explosive demos; giving you the ideas and techniques you need to take a variety of awesome and dramatic stills. The programme is action packed, and includes a skills focus on important elements such as lighting and capturing movement.

Behind The Lens

Get more out of your camera! The Behind the Lens Theatre caters for those looking for inspiration and expert tuition – ultimately, to help you refine your technique, up your knowledge (be it business or project-based) and come up with unique style and creative ideas for your own photography.

Social Stage

Led by key influencers and masters of social media, discover how to get your best photos shared, build your following, engage with your community, and make the most of your community to nurture your photography talent.

Whether pro or amateur, a photographer can get a huge amount of benefit from getting their images out there, in the right way.

Drone Zone

The Drone Zone introduces the art of flight to your stills and moving image footage. What’s the best tech in the marketplace for aerial photography? Can anyone fly a drone (and what do you need to know before you do)? Even the most advanced drone pilot will learn something new at this specialist area of the show.

Editing Suite

From retouching to adding complex effects, the Editing Suite will offer sessions that examine what’s possible with image editing software – including everything from the basics to professional level skills. Sessions are free and don’t need to be booked but seating is limited so please arrive early.

In Motion

Whether you’re an aspiring documentary-maker, a 360° video pro or a wedding videographer looking to get the edge, learn the tricks of the trade at the In Motion Theatre. Discover how to produce engaging video content across various genres of moving image, using a variety of techniques.

Video Live

And action! Learn from lively, fun and practical demonstrations at Video Live. The programme is action packed, with sessions on sound, lighting and camera technique across a multitude of fields.

Masterclasses & Conferences

Beginners Masterclass

Everyone has to start somewhere. Contrary to those that consider photography to be a straightforward ‘point and shoot’ exercise. it’s worth understanding the basics to give your stills that extra something. This masterclass is the beginner’s chance to learn the essentials, from lenses and light to simple editing.

Turning Pro Masterclass

A hugely popular masterclass which takes an in-depth look at how to transform your passion into a career. Where do you start when setting up a business? What does it take to become a pro and acquire a loyal customer base? All your questions will be answered…

Pro Conference

Hone in on the skills that will take your photography business to the next level of profitability and success. Sessions will focus on topics such as what’s hot and what’s not in marketing, the legal aspects of professional photography, and upping your creativity to build a unique, eye-catching portfolio, plus much more.

Student Programme

You’ve studied hard, you’re an amazing photographer and you can’t think of anything better than making money out of doing what you love. But what are the options after study? This conference gives students a glimpse into life beyond uni. What skills they might need, and the support that’s on offer to get that dream job up and running.

The Video Show

Something we are really excited about is The Video Show. It will be an opportunity to learn even more – not only about different techniques and skills, but also about kit and accessories that every budding filmmaker or professional videographer needs.