Profoto Connect Review

Profoto’s Connect is a small disk-like device with a shoe that allows it to be slipped into a camera hotshoe. This enables it to communicate with the camera and trigger a Profoto flash such as the A1 when the shutter release is pressed.

It’s designed to be very simple to use and as a consequence has just 3 settings, auto, manual and off. These are selected by rotating the top section of the unit to the correct point.

In auto mode, the Connect fires the flash in TTL-mode. That means that the camera assesses and controls the exposure. Alternatively, in manual mode, you can control the output.

Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the Connect can link with an iPhone running the free Profoto app.  This can then be used to adjust the flash output remotely.

Key Features

  • Button-free trigger for all Profoto AirTTL lights
  • Hotshoe mounted
  • Wirelessly connection between camera and light
  • Three settings: Auto, manual and off
  • Smart connectivity with the Profoto app (compatible with iPhone 7 and later)
  • Built-in rechargeable LiPo battery – 30-hour battery life
  • Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz with 8 channels
  • Range: Up to 300m (1000 ft) (free line of sight in open space)
  • Diameter: 45 mm (1.77 in) Height: 29 mm (1.14 in)
  • Weight: 43gr

Profoto Connect Review

Build and Handling

The Profoto Connect has a slick, silky feel and slots easily onto a hotshoe. I used the Sony fit Connect, but it’s also set to be available for Canon, Fuji, Nikon and Olympus cameras.

It couldn’t be simpler to activate the Connect, you just rotate the top section to Auto or Manual depending upon which mode you want to use. It’s then easy to pair it with an iPhone running the free Profoto app to adjust the output.

I used the Connect to trigger a couple of Profoto A1 lights, one in Canon fit and the other in Nikon fit. As soon as the A1s were set to Air-TTL mode, the Connect started to trigger them when the shutter release was depressed.

As USB-C port is provided for charging and making firmware updates.


I want to shoot a bit more with the Connect, but so far it has worked flawlessly. It connected quickly to the A1 lights and fired them each time. The flash output also adjusted whenever I used the app or the camera’s controls to tweak it.

Profoto Connect Review

Early Verdict

The Profoto Connect lacks the depth of control offered by the Profoto Air Remote, there’s no option to control different groups of lights for instance, but it is extremely simple to use. It’s also considerably more affordable than an Air Remote.

If you have a set of Profoto lights, either the hotshoe-mountable A1 or studio lights like a B10 kit, the Connect offers a really simple way of triggering them wirelessly.