Sony User Tests Canon EOS R

When you hear about photographers talking about switching brands between Sony and Canon, it’s almost exclusively from the latter to the former.

When I started as an amareut I was a Sony Cybershot and Alpha user. When I became pro I then switched to Canon for many years and back again to Sony motherland since 2015.

However, with Canon finally jumping seriously into mirrorless cameras, it’s interesting to see how Sony users feel about the EOS R.

Coming to you from Manny Ortiz, this great video details his experiences using the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera after shooting with Sony for a long time. The EOS R is an intriguing camera for Canon users: though it has its shortcomings, it’s Canon’s first serious foray into mirrorless territory, and it offers some very intriguing features for photographers, perhaps the most intriguing being both the very high image quality offered by the quickly expanding RF lens lineup and the ability to draw on Canon’s vast EF lens library with first-party lens adapters that offers similar (and sometimes better) autofocus performance. You also gain conveniences like Canon’s ergonomics and menu system, plus their generally lauded color science. If you’re like many Canon users and wondering what life is like on the other side, it’s worth checking out to see what a longtime Sony user thinks of the new system. Check out the video above for Ortiz’ full thoughts.