When travelling under weight limitations, it is hard to decide what to bring with you. This is the essential photo equipment that I have in my travel setup.

Ground control

Computers & Laptops

A recent update on my travel setup from June 2018. Believe it or not, I am (still) a Windows user and this Laptop is a miracle. HP Spectre x360 13-ap0010na 4K Ultra-HD  It can handle a Lightroom to Photoshop workflow and edits 4K video in Adobe Premiere with a breeze.

I love placing it on the tray of the seat of an airplane and working on it while flying.

It's all in the details


For extremists, when you need to keep some of your devices charged at all time I ‘d also recommend a power bank. This has become a stable on my travel setup when switching to Sony mirroless cameras, as you can plug the camera on the go and keep operating and shooting while connected.

A power bank it also comes handy when doing time-lapse video with a goPro. Just leave the camera plugged directly to one of those and you are good to go – literally. Make sure you get a power bank with high mAH like this puppy here, to get an idea it can fully charge an iPhone X 3x times from 0% to 100% battery percentage.

Gorilla pod is one of my latest additions to my photo travel setup. I’m talking about the one that is robust enough to hold a DSLR camera. This mini foldable tripod is great to attach the camera to virtually anything: A car, a tree, a dog ! and get some interesting angles when shooting outdoors in combination with camera remote control.

My travel setup wouldn’t be complete without a multi USB port plug. this is essential when deploying my “charging station” anywhere.

Always Use Protection

Bags & Backpacks

Pro Light camera backpack MultiPro-120 for DSLR/camcorder

One of the factors I was taking in less consideration was the carrying bag, and protecting my expensive equipment. I realize that carrying my lenses and laptop in a normal bag so everything moves around wasn’t a good idea anymore and decided to invest in a Lens bag.

After a lot of research I finally got a Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Backpack: MultiPro-120 PL which is the quintessential bag for carrying lenses, cameras, memory cards, chargers an it also has space for a laptop. I feel now that all my equipment is protected, plus the design is extremely cool !

The bag comes with “Tripod Connector” So you can carry the tripod on the outside, interchangeable dividers, UV and rain protector. this, my friend IS the ultimate bag and keeps my travel setup tidy.

Feeding the Babies


This is an essential part of my travel set up for obvious reasons. I always find problematic when it comes to charging batteries, what to charge first, sharing power plugs in a room etc.

To keep the goPro alive, I have these Wasabi Power battery and charger but I experienced that batteries start to last very little with the last charges.

"Let's go away for a while.You and I,To a strange and distant land,Where they speak no word of truth,But we don't understand, anyway"

- Weezer, Holiday

I hope you found these post useful. What is your travel setup ? Please share in the comments section below.