New Technique to Edit Eyes in Headshots

In this video I’ll explain my technique to edit eyes in Photoshop focusing on three different parts of the eye.

We will be adding three new layers on top of our image, first layer will affect the eye socket, second will affect the iris, and the third will give the Iris more detail. We’ll start adding the first layer, with blending mode screen and a black layer mask to hide the layer completely. we will then select a soft brush with 100% opacity and 100% flow and will paint the whole eye socket with pure white, to start revealing the layer and brighten the socket area. We will set the opacity of this layer to around 20%

After this we will repeat the process with a new layer and same settings, this time we will be painting the iris only. We sill set the opacity of this layer to 15-20% depending on the eye color.

Last step will be to create a third layer and paint only the iris detail with a small brush set to 100% opacity and 100% flow, we then will apply a gaussian blur effect of 9px, decrease the opacity of this layer to around 20%.

Finally you could group all three layers and decrease the opacity of the group to around 50-60% to achieve a subtle “punch”

Model: Alison Garner

Music: Late Night Honeymoon check this guys out, they are awesome!

Final edit here

I hope you liked how I edit eyes in this short tutorial. There are obviously plenty of ways to do that in Photoshop, but this is what I think is the easiest and more subtle way to do it without looking too fake or flat. If you’d like to know more please leave a comment in the comments section below. like and subscribe !