Today we are reviewing the UNI USB to Lighting Cable. Uni is small team of young, passionate people from Shenzhen, China. The goal of uni is to create products with unique design and exceptional quality for everyone.

Build Quality

We received a test product from Uni and the overall quality was exceptional. The cable itself seemed very sturdy, both ends of the lead have aluminium bearings. Length of the cable is 1.8m (6feet) long enough to use it attached to a desktop computer or to charge your phone on a bed side table.

Heat Shrink Tube

We were excited to try the heat shrink tube that is meant to repair frayed cables by heating the tube with a hair dryer for 3 minutes. We tried to pull the tube over the cable with no luck, as the tube seemed too tight to fit in. After 10 minutes of fiddling we decided to cut the tube and fold the cable around to see if the tube would melt, but that wasn’t the case.

We would suggest the heat shrink tube to be slightly bigger in order to fit easier on the lighting end of the lead.


Build quality is great. I would compare the quality to Anker USB to lightning equivalent for a cheaper price. Plus, it comes with a heat shrink tube to make your cable even more durable.